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Cordicate IT has years of cloud experience successfully migrating SMB and Enterprise businesses to the Microsoft Azure cloud while providing ongoing maintenance, support, and related services for migrated Microsoft Azure applications.

Business Is Moving To The Cloud And The Benefits Are Growing

It’s no secret that there are many benefits to moving to the cloud. Businesses all over the globe are migrating single workloads, their entire environment, or building greenfield applications in the cloud because of the enormous advantages they’re able to achieve. Businesses don’t have to spend money building their own facilities or dedicate resources to designing and managing their own IT infrastructure. They can move from a CAPEX to an OPEX model that provides more predictability with spending and enables easier planning for growth. And it becomes easier to build flexible and elastic environments that can share and consume IT resources on demand. The list goes on and on.

IT Is Driving Innovation for The Business

Availability, reliability, security, and compliance is also becoming easier to achieve through high speed connectivity to robust cloud infrastructures in data centers across the globe. And their resources are being offered like a utility. The model is like how we get water from our faucet or power from our local electricity company. All of this is making it so we don’t have to worry as much about the IT infrastructure anymore. It’s enabling us to focus on the applications to deliver the business outcomes we need. And this is what matters most. Now we’re closer to the business as a IT professionals. The conversations are happening at a business level with IT. The focus is on how IT is helping the business innovate, stay competitive, and grow.

The First Step Is Migration

And with to moving to the cloud, you don’t need to migrate your entire environment to realize the benefits. You can start with a single workload, a set of workloads, or one line of business. There’s a path that allows you to move to the cloud at a pace that’s appropriate for your business. And that reduces stress on the organization. However, migrations can be complicated and expensive. Often times you will need help. This is especially true when you have legacy applications. The keys to success come down to planning, expertise, and experience. Without those, you can run into data corruption problems, service interruptions, and data inconsistency problems.

Cordicate IT Makes Migrating to the Cloud Easy and Rewarding

Fortunately, choosing the right partner makes it easy to migrate to the cloud and take advantage of the many benefits it offers. Cordicate IT has years of experience successfully migrating customers to the Microsoft Azure cloud and providing ongoing maintenance, support, and related services for migrated applications.

We aspire to become a trusted, strategic partner for our customers in their IT modernization and automation journey. Our goal is to help them elevate their business to new heights by moving to the cloud. Once their applications are in the cloud, they can leverage that data, access additional services, and achieve new insight to drive innovation and smarter decisions for their business.

Now all of this doesn’t happen at once, and every business is unique. So customers are moving to the cloud for different reasons and receiving a variety of benefits depending on where they are in their journey.

These benefits companies achieve by moving to Microsoft Azure fall into four categories:

CapEx – OpEx
Cost Savings

Instant Provisioning
DevOps and CI/CD
Modern Application Architectures
Faster Time to Market

Service Quality
Security and Compliance

New Scenarios
Big Data and IoT/Analytics
Machine Learning
Artificial Intelligence
Digital Transformation

The road to IT modernization, automation, and digital transformation through the cloud is a journey. And with any journey, it all starts with the first step. And that first step to the cloud can be difficult. But Cordicate IT is here to help. Contact us today and we’ll help you choose the best path forward to start you on your journey or continue moving forward.

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