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Cordicate IT has vast experience supporting businesses, in Philadelphia and nationally, with advanced network solutions. Cordicate IT is a partner for your business network solutions that is up to date on the IT industry, understands your network challenges, and knows how to help.

The Bridge To Our Data And Each Other

These days network is everything. Without your network, you can’t access anything. You can’t call your friends or family. You can’t access important documents you have saved in the cloud. You can’t share information, access applications to complete projects, or collaborate with coworkers to meet operational deadlines. Network is the glue that is empowering people to stay connected and get things done. But the borders are expanding. And the network we need to protect and manage is becoming more complex than ever.

Reliability, Performance, And Security Are Critical

When designing the network in today’s world, we need to make sure people can reliably connect and have access to resources anywhere, anytime, and on any device. Troubleshooting and accurate diagnoses have become equally important. We need to know as quickly as possible if the issue we are encountering is a network problem and how we are going to solve it. And with people relying on the network to do their jobs, and all our intellectual property constantly traversing the network, reliability and security are critical.

So how do you address these concerns? The key is working with a partner with the right combination of experience, expertise, and technology to give you a modern network architecture to address the needs of today’s world. To deliver network solutions that drive success for your organization, we focus on 4 key areas:


We’ll help you build an intelligent, software-defined network providing analytics and automation so you can achieve greater scale, agility, and speed to deploy and secure services faster with less manual intervention.


We’ll help you troubleshoot faster and achieve a higher performing, smarter network that has in-depth visibility into the performance requirements of the application and adapts to deliver the service level that you need.


We’ll enable you to quickly and intelligently address security threats, identify vulnerabilities, and keep your network secure with better visibility, role-based segmentation, automated detection, and real-time analytics.


We’ll help you optimize the network experience for any user with clear visibility, control, and powerful analysis through centralized management. Whether on premise or in the cloud, using features like application-aware intelligent path control will ensure users get access to what they need, when they need it.

At Cordicate IT, we have years of experience providing our customers with advanced network solutions. By working with us, you’ll have a partner who sees what’s going on in the industry, understands what you’re going through, and knows how to help.

We’ll work together to ensure you have a network strategy to provide the reliability, performance, and security you need for your business. To accomplish this, we offer a variety of network services and solutions. We will assess, design, implement, and manage the following:

•  Software Defined Networks (SD-WAN)

• Wide Area Networks (WAN)

• Local Area Networks (LAN)

•  Wireless Networks

•  Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

•  Network Security

•  Carrier Discovery And Selection

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