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Is Your Company Collaborating Efficiently?

Collaboration helps companies, associations and other groups systematically connect people one-on-one for greater collaboration, innovation and knowledge sharing.  Cordicate IT delivers high value, cost effective applications, technical expertise, and customized solutions that enable your organization to be smarter and faster.


Cordicate IT can help you solve your collaboration challanges.

Meet Cisco Spark

Cisco Spark connects people and ideas in an instant. When it’s this easy to collaborate, you can do your best work together. Tap to fill a room with the people you want to work with… and watch the sparks fly. Learn more:

A Day in the Life of a Modern Executive

Collaborate better and stop wasting time with Cisco Spark

Current Analysis: Catching the Second Wave of Productivity

There are two distinct stages of transformation in the collaboration and communications market today, both offering significant, transformative benefits to business stakeholders. The first wave helped simplify and consolidate IT infrastructure and resulted in significant cost savings; however, the second wave of inter and intra-company team productivity is dependent on companies re-platforming to improve ability and effectiveness. Where phone systems (i.e. PBXs) looked to solve the issue of business communication, modern social, collaborative, and mobile (SoCoMo) platforms provide a way of integrating business systems with new capabilities via a single cloud service. 

Cisco Spark: Call, Message, Meet

Messaging, Meetings and Calls all in one.

Cisco Spark. All-in-One Business Communications Service

Cisco Spark has revolutionized the way you get work done anywhere, anytime, with a simple, secure, complete, all-in-one business communications service. Learn more: Learn more: to Cisco’s YouTube channel:

Cisco Spark: Security and Privacy

Cisco® Spark is a cloud collaboration platform that provides messaging, calling, and meeting features. The Cisco Spark® application is a client app that connects to this platform and provides a comprehensive tool for teamwork. Users can send messages, share files, and meet with different teams, all in one place.This white paper provides a security and privacy overview for the Cisco Spark Cloud and Cisco Spark Messaging. 

Cisco Spark: Security

Typical business messaging apps—too open Typical business messaging apps compromise security by directly accessing your content in order to ofer features like message search, content transcoding, or integration with third-party applications. Consumer chat apps—too restrictive End-to-end consumer chat apps tend to be geared toward protecting consumer privacy by ofering end-to-end encryption at the expense of extensibility and value-add features. Cisco Spark—just right Cisco Spark™ is the best of both worlds: an end-to-end, encrypted cloud collaboration platform that gives IT the ability to access content and choose what, if any, permission is provided to Cisco and third parties.

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