Get Hyperconverged | May 13, 2015

Get Hyperconverged

Learn why it’s time to Get Hyperconverged | May 13th 2015

We’re taking the Hyperconvergence Tour to a city near you! Join us for a free, 3 hour, information packed agenda to learn everything you wanted to know about Hyperconvergence!

You’ll hear from: industry experts such as Expert Scott D. Lowe, author of Hyperconvergence for Dummies, real companies who have taken the Path to Hyperconvergence, technology experts and more.


Top 5 Reasons to Attend:

1. Learn how companies, like yours, are seeing up to 3 times TCO reduction.
2. Hear about the latest research on the virtualization challenges that organizations face globally.
3. Learn about the trends that are driving Hyperconvergence from industry experts.
4. Hear from a variety of speakers including Hyperconvergence experts, leading vendors like SimpliVity and Cisco, and SimpliVity customers.
5. See Hyperconvergence in action with a live SimpliVity demo.

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